Is your computer organized to give you the opportunity for maximum performance? Work Flow Facilitators can help.

Work Flow Facilitators will help you optimize your workflow for maximum productivity and performance.

Our Approach

Work Flow Facilitators introduces and helps implement "The OCE System" (Order, Control and the increased ability to Execute around what matters most). This System, when used in the management and execution of all of our commitments to ourselves and others, leads to vastly improved performance and significant reductions in stress.

While the mind is a wonderful focusing tool, it does not remember or manage tasks well on its own. Therefore, it is important to get all relevant information out of your mind and organized into quality information management tools like Microsoft Outlook and OneNote. Until that is done, it is impossible to do the necessary prioritizing, filtering, sorting, deferring, deleting, and real work necessary for maximum performance and progress in whatever you are trying to do.

We teach "The OCE System" using one technique and principle at a time allowing for results on Day One. It is likely for example, on Day One that we would clear up the e-mail nightmare that most people are experiencing.