"The "system" that Mark refers to is absolute genius, it emphasizes getting "stuff" out of my head and somewhere I can concentrate on it..."

"This "system" is changing my life and it can change yours if you let it."


Today’s society is indeed affected by serious information overload and If this information is not managed properly it can be overwhelming. The OCE System has enabled me to manage the information coming my way in a much more efficient manner, thus allowing me to be increasingly effective. I believe in action and following through on commitments. The OCE System, especially focusing in on and executing around what matters most in 90 day increments, has been incredibly beneficial to me in terms of living up to my commitments both personal and professional. The system that Work Flow Facilitators teaches is powerful, practical, and simple.

John Hammond
President - Great Lakes Region. AIG

As it turns out one of the first and biggest benefits I received during my initial efforts with Work Flow Facilitators was a higher level of clarity. Going through the Work Flow Facilitators process soon led to a clear understanding that we had a key issue (the elephant in the living room) that needed immediate attention. Together we tackled the problem using the "Thought Funnel" and "The OCE System" concepts. Problem solved! Working with this group has been a fantastic experience. I very much recommend Work Flow Facilitators and the work they are doing.

Jim Hill
Hill Financial Group

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mark at Work Flow Facilitators for over 2 years now. I distinctly remember our first encounter coming in with 3 yellow legal pads, several Post It notes, a few scribbles on napkins from the car and said, "Can you help me?". "The OCE System" that Mark refers to is absolute genius, it emphasizes getting "stuff" out of my head and somewhere I can concentrate on it, do something with it (discard, organize, delegate, etc) and ultimately get things done! This "system" is changing my life and it can change yours if you let it. I recommend Work Flow Facilitators highly!

E. David Marinac
ABC Packaging Direct

I was promised good results from Work Flow Facilitators, but I didn’t predict the small miracles it produced. The time savings techniques have allowed me to exceed my goals each year and repaired a broken down system. "The OCE System" that Work Flow Facilitators implements, focuses your efforts around what matters most, which makes all the difference.

It has been a pleasure doing business with Work Flow Facilitators and I plan to continue our relationship for a long time to come

Ed Morrison
Evans Insurance Agency

The approach introduced by Work Flow Facilitators provides a framework that allows me to manage multiple areas of focus into a weekly work plan that really produces results. Working "The OCE System" has made it easier to take control of my schedule. It has allowed me to say no to distractions. It brings focus, clarity and purpose to what I do and results in a sense of accomplishment when the day is done. This system is far better than any other system I have been exposed to and I recommend it highly.

Rudy Leschke
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

I’ve used a variety of organizational and planning tools in the past. The Work Flow process brings examples of these tools into a more focused and optimized process. For me, the best part of this process revolves around the idea that if you pull plans and tasks out of your head and get them on a list, you free up mental capacity to focus better and achieve more. The system utilizes straight forward task management that is easy to execute. You’ll find yourself much more confident as you don’t have to remember "I have to do this for Rick before Friday". The planning process compliments this by better using all time available. I’ve found myself accomplishing more, with less stress. I highly recommend this system to anyone.

Michael Deller
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition